Hospital Nobo


CEC’s scope of work for the hospital include quality control, adding infrastructure and area coordination for the construction site. This massive project is in service of Curaçao’s community who, CEC believes have earned the right to give and receive medical treatment in a state-of-the-art facility.

There are many facets taking place on the construction site simultaneously and there are numerous contractors on board to realize this project. CEC oversees the demolition of the existing SEHOS infrastructure and building structures. We are also responsible for

  • The re-allocation and supervision of the decompression chamber and pharmacy
  • The preliminary design of the new Hamelbergweg
  • The quality control of the structure’s reinforced concrete
  • Area coordination of the entire construction process
  • The design and supervision run-off of HNO’s rain water drain through Pater Eeuwensweg
  • The placing of new infrastructure for the installation of electricity and sewer lines


In a wider span, we hope the new hospital’s location will keep perpetuating Otrobanda’s economy as there are many stakeholders who depend on the hospital’s traffic for their livelihood.

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