CEC is a leading civil engineering consultancy firm with its main office in Curaçao.

about CEC

Civil Engineering Caribbean, (CEC) is a leading civil engineering consultancy firm with its main office in Curaçao. Our firm operates mainly in the Caribbean region with a team of dynamic professionals dedicated to breaking the barriers of innovation and design in the fields of civil engineering, structural engineering, environmental engineering and project management.

What we stand for

Together with other experienced internationally based civil engineering consultancy firms CEC is boundless. Together we provide a blend of global reach, local knowledge, innovation and technical excellence in delivering customized and creative solutions to meet each of our client’s needs.

Both firms are willing to go beyond our domains to be at the forefront of finding cost-effective solutions to complex environmental problems in Curaçao and other nations in the Caribbean.

Our values

What sets CEC apart is our ability to serve in all stages of a project from the study & analysis phase, design phase, cost estimate, tendering phase, award of contract phase, planning phase, project management (quality control & supervision) and more. Still, CEC’s most important goal is to manage all aspects of engineering to ensure a project’s success. The bigger objective is to have a direct impact on society and to create a better standard of living one project at the time.


A history of integrity & a passion for progress


In 1974 Rob Jansen founded a civil engineering business in Curaçao. A year later, he sold the company to Stanley Martina and a Dutch engineering firm. In the years that have followed, CEC has developed into an international consultancy firm having completed a number of projects of a wide variety of scale and complexity throughout the six Dutch Caribbean islands.


Ing. George Douglas, who joined CEC in 1997, took over the firm in 2005, maintaining its core values and solid discipline. In 2014, Ing. Gamal Douglas took over the company. His innovative brain and multidisciplinary team of consultants specialize in the latest developments in civil, structural, or environmental engineering.


Today, CEC is known for delivering prime quality and leading excellence to our clients from small projects such as urban houses to large commercial buildings such as MCB Bank, Centrale Bank van Curaçao en Sint Maarten, CTEX building, Amidos, Ennia, Curaçao Airport, SVB, Tera Kora and Playa Canoa Wind Farm and many more. Throughout the years, we have received numerous awards and honors for our excellent work in civil engineering. Our approach to embrace people’s best potential and engaging human capital has been recognized by clients and others all over the world as we also offer consulting services to European, North and South American investors.

Let’s collaborate!

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